Thank you kindly for the time and effort you have invested in me and in my coaching career. I moved to Australia in 2011 in pursuit of an NBL coaching experience and exposure to elite basketball programs and coaches at the pro level.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have been given at the Perth Wildcats. I am a young and ambitious person with aspirations of coaching professional and international basketball.

In order put myself in a position to coach at that level, I am always trying to acquire the knowledge and ability to coach require to coach at that level.

I have had professional options to move on from Wildcats during these three seasons and one of the major reasons why I have stayed is to remain under you mentorship and guidance.

Thank you for sharing your exceptional leadership and mentorship. Your ability to breakdown and explain how to coach the game has improved my coaching tremendously.

Through your example, you have shown me how to improve my people management skills which is one of the most important components of coaching.

In consultation with you I have learned how to present successfully at meetings and interviews.

During the offseason off 2013, like most off-season’s I was worried about where I would be coaching in September. At Wildcats we were going through major restructuring of our coaching staff. During that time you showed me how to be patient and disciplined and how to present myself in a successful manner. That approach helped me to show my value to the Wildcats organization and retain my position in the team, despite the restructuring of our coaching staff.

I would like to thank you again for the knowledge that you have imparted and continue to impart to me. You have an unmatched ability to help players and coaches understand elite concepts of basketball in team tactics, individual skill, decision-making, timing and execution. I am very grateful that you have been kind enough to pass those ideas on to coaches like me and you have been unconditional in your kindness in helping me become a better coach and a better person.

Each success I achieve along my journey will be partially attributed to you and for that I am extremely grateful.